How to Connect with Astrologer.

  • Create your account in astrobani and login.
  • Verify your mobile number and email.
  • To put money in textbox, click on the Recharge Now button.
  • Now you Confirm your mobile number and billing address then click proceed to pay.
  • Choose an any astrologer from the list of online astrologers in this page and click on the Call button. Then wait. Do not click on multiple astrologers at the same time.
  • To put money in your astrobani wallet, click on the Recharge Now button. Apply any coupon codes you may have. Money put into your wallet can be used multiple times for different astrologers.
  • please wait Your phone will ring within some minutes. Pick up the call & you will be connected to the astrologer.
  • Once you end your consultation, please give your rating and reviews. Feedback is important.
  • Your updated balance will be visible in the Your Balance section above.

Frequently asked questions.

Q. 1 - Can I talk to astrologer without logging in ?

No, you have to login first to talk to astrologer.

Q. 2 - Do I need to wait for an appointment ?

No, not necessarily. If the advisor indicates that he/she is online, you can buy your minutes and speak immediately.

Q. 3 - What do I do if the advisor of my choice is offline ?

Recharge your account and wait for your favorite astrology to come online, when they come online, you can talk to them by clicking the "Call Me" button

Q. 4 - I am trying to pay by online credit card but this is not going to be successful ?

Your bank and CCAVUE payment gateways have the full responsibility to recharge your account. There is no role of astrobani in it.

Q. 5 - Can the astrobani wallet be recharged by credit card ?

Yes, all types of credit cards and debit card are accepted here..

Q. 6 - Can we recharge our account by check or draft ?

Our checks and drafts are valid here. But first you have to give a check or draft after that your account will be updated then you will be able to call.

Q. 7 - Can we talk to astrologers ?

Yes, now you can talk to our astrologers by phone call.

Q. 8 - Can we pay after talking ?

No, this service not available here

Q. 9 - Can we use our minutes to speak only to one astrologer ?

No, you can use your minutes to talk to any astrologers from astrogyan.

Q. 10 - Is this facility only in India ?

No, this facility is for the whole world, anyone can talk to astrologer by recharge your astrogyan wallet.

Q. 11 - My favorite astrology is busy so what should I do ?

You have to wait until your favorite astrology is not available.

Q. 12 - My astrobani wallet has been recharged. What should i do now ?

Now you can call your favorite astrology and talk to him.

Q. 13 - I have already recharged my account, but I have not spoken to any astrology so far ?

Now you can go to the profile of your favorite astrologer as soon as possible and click on the "Call Me" button.